Brizendine Brothers Nature Park

Pritchett Drive – Across from Muhlenberg South Middle School
Greenville, KY 42345


Brizendine Brothers Nature ParkThe Brizendine Brothers Nature Park is a pristine 12-acre woodland park. Upon entering the park all visitors are greeted at the trail head by “Yogi,” a 7′ chainsaw sculptured bear, before they begin the 1/2 mile journey through the woodlands.

There are three beautiful footbridges, totaling 217 linear feet. Dispersed throughout the park are three picnic tables, Red Cedar split-log benches and numerous vegetative signs, identifying native trees. The park is also home to deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, squirrels, butterflies and numerous native birds.

To create a truly serene and relaxing experience, a running stream with a 4′ waterfall and pond have been added.

Come and enjoy God’s creation while taking a leisurely stroll along a crushed gravel path through the woods at the Brizendine Brothers Nature Park!