Amber Waves Bath Bombs- Amber Motyka


Amber Waves Bath Bombs makes MUCH more than just bath bombs! They make artisan bath and beauty products crafted with love and attention to detail. Products include bath bombs, cupcake bath bombs, artisan soaps, novelty cupcake soaps and the lime, bath salts, shower steamers, body oil sprays, lotions, natural clay facial masks, beard balms, whipped body butters, whipped soaps and scrubs, kids toy embedded bath bombs and soaps, and much much more!

Their goal is to embrace uniqueness and make you happy! Treat yourself with a well deserved spa day with any of our products. All are made with federally regulated food, drug, and cosmetic approved ingredients as well as cruelty free and responsibly sourced products.

  • Local pickup and shipping is available at reasonable costs.
  • Every purchase over $75 receives free shipping!
  • Every purchase on the first week of the event receives 10% off their entire purchase!


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