The Summerhouse

100 Martin Street
Greenville, KY 42345


Summer HouseThis stunning, one-of-a-kind gazebo located in the city park sits on a hilltop with scenic views of Greenville. The Summerhouse is a steel structure that is 20’ x 20’ and just over 23’ in height. It is a grand, white structure that pops against the blue sky and lush green surroundings. The gazebo features two benches within for seating as well as a swing near the parking area for relaxation. The gazebo is also readily accessible with sidewalks on all sides linking it to city streets. Fully lit, it certainly creates a stunning focal point in the night sky.

Due to its unique design, size and location The Summerhouse is a perfect outdoor wedding venue. It is equipped with access to power outlets for music and lighting and can be reserved for weddings, family events and more by calling the City of Greenville at 270-338-3966.