Pillars of Community

Multiple Locations – See Below for Details

Greenville, KY 42345


Pillars of CommunityThe Pillars of Community represent the core values that have made Greenville the special place that it is. They have certainly enhanced the beauty of downtown Greenville in a big way by adding “Art to Restoration.” There are a total of eight pillars throughout downtown, each one truly unique. Those pillars are:  FAITH, FAMILY, HEALTH, EDUCATION, ENTERPRISE, ARTS, PATRIOTISM AND TEAMWORK. Each pillar incorporates bronze statues of children to represent the particular theme. The only exception being the Faith pillar which, unlike the others, features a unique cross design crafted by a local welding shop finished in a beautiful pearl white patina. Each pillar also includes a dedication plaque. The pillars have been strategically placed throughout the city in relation to their specific theme and also for maximum visibility. In addition to their beauty, they make for a fun family scavenger hunt!





The locations of the Pillars of Community are as follows:

FAITH – United Methodist Church on North Main Street
FAMILY – Across from the MCTI Theater on North Main Street
ENTERPRISE – Between Edward Jones Investments & 1st KY Bank
PATRIOTISM – At the United States Post Office on Court Street
EDUCATION – In front of Greenville Elementary School on East Main Cross
ARTS –  In front of Thistle Cottage on Cherry Street
HEALTH –  In front of Muhlenberg Community Hospital on Hopkinsville Street
TEAMWORK –  At the Summerhouse, along East Main Cross