Brizendine Brothers Nature Park

Pritchett Drive – Across from Muhlenberg South Middle School
Greenville, KY 42345


Brizendine Brothers Nature ParkThe Brizendine Brothers Nature Park is a pristine 12-acre woodland park. Upon entering the park all visitors are greeted at the trail head by “Yogi,” a 7′ chainsaw sculptured bear, as they begin the 1/2 mile journey through the woodlands.

There are three beautiful footbridges, totaling 217 linear feet and an open meadow in the middle, adding a second eco-system within the park. Dispersed throughout the park are three picnic tables, Red Cedar split-log benches and numerous vegetative signs, identifying native trees. The park is home to deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, squirrels, butterflies and numerous native birds.

Most recently, a running stream with a 4′ waterfall and pond have been added to create a truly serene and relaxing experience. Soon to be added to the park is interactive wildlife signage near the entrance to educate young and old on local wildlife.

Come and enjoy God’s creation as you are serenaded by native song birds while taking a leisurely stroll along a crushed gravel path through the woods!