9/11 Memorial

136 South Main Street in the Judicial Center Lawn

9/11This one-of-kind 9/11 Memorial stands 18 feet tall and features a 17-foot box beam that fell from the North Tower of the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Atop the bean sits a commissioned, hand-carved, bronze sculpture of an angered American eagle clutching a draping American flag. Two granite towers (one tall tower and one collapsing tower with a debris cloud) depict the Twin Towers.

The 9/11 Memorial sculpture is dedicated to the victims, heroes and citizens who were directly impacted by the event. In addition to the sculpture, four granite plaques tell the story of the attacks, honor lives lost and memorial contributions.

The names of Muhlenberg County first responders, who have passed away in the line of duty, surround the Memorial on engraved bricks. As well as other elements dedicated to local first responders who daily serve and protect the community.