9/11 Memorial Unveiling


The 9/11 Memorial Committee, chaired by Greenville City Administrator Ben Van Hooser, is pleased to announce the upcoming installation and unveiling of the new 9/11 Memorial. The entire community is invited to witness the unveiling of this incredible monument on Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016 at 2:00 pm. This date marks the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedies.

The 9/11 Memorial will find its permanent home on the southwest lawn of the Muhlenberg County Judicial Center and will soar to eighteen feet in height at its tallest point. The Memorial will house the 17-foot long box beam that fell from the North Tower of the World Trade Center following the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Elements of the structure will include a commissioned hand-carved bronze sculpture of an angered American eagle clutching a draping American flag. Two granite towers (one tall tower and one collapsing tower with a debris cloud) will depict the Twin Towers. Various elements of the sculpture will be dedicated to victims, heroes and citizens who were directly impacted by the event. Other elements of the Memorial will be dedicated to Muhlenberg’s own local first responders who daily serve and protect the community.

The 9/11 Memorial will be surrounded by a brick paver patio that will include engraved bricks containing the names of Muhlenberg County first responders who have passed away in the line of duty. These “final watch” memorial bricks will be replicated and gifted to family members of the fallen who attend the unveiling.
Polished granite plaques will also be placed in the brick patio. Each plaque will serve its own unique purpose in honoring lives and contributions.

The project has become a reality thanks to the vision, passion and commitment of local citizens and the very generous contributions of civic organizations and a personal benefactor. What these donated dollars and volunteer efforts have afforded Muhlenberg County is priceless and will stand for generations as a reminder of the event, the heroes and the resolve of the American Spirit. The Memorial is intended to honor our local heroes and serve as a constant reminder of the unity, hope, faith and American values that exist in this county, regardless of the challenges faced.

For the unveiling ceremony, South Main Street will be closed and seating for 200+ spectators will be provided. Guests are asked to bring their families, friends and Unbridled Spirit. The first 250 attendees will receive a very special gift commemorating the unveiling event. Refreshments will also be provided.

Memorial Committee Members include Ben Van Hooser, Jamie Wells, Jerry Aders, Darren Harvey, Troy Walker, Kevin Opp, Beth Newman, Martha Roberts and ex officio member Mayor Jan Yonts. Commissioned artists include Sculptor Gary Casteel of Pennsylvania and granite craftsman Leland Longstreth of Florida. Multiple local businesses have been involved in the process.

The 9/11 Memorial Committee extends a special invitation to any families within the region who have experienced a personal loss of a family member as a first responder of Muhlenberg County or from this tragedy in New York. Anyone interested in more information on the memorial or the unveiling, please contact Ben Van Hooser at 270-338-3966 or Admin@GreenvilleKY.com.

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